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Elissa Hope is a world renowned spiritual motivational healer, speaker ,and writer. Having stood before God in heaven ,and being sent back to her life as God's Messenger, and Light Worker to spread God's Light, Love , and Energy throughout the World. Having died during a routine procedure, during the time CPR was being performed on Elissa, her soul left her body , and traveled to heaven , where she came face to face with God. Being given the choice of staying in heaven , or returning to her life with an important purpose, Elissa chose the purpose,  and her mission is to make heaven a place on earth , by enlightening everyone that God truly does exist in heaven, having stood before him herself. Elissa travels the world to educate people about God's Light, Love, Spirituality, and purpose to help everyone live the life that God intended for you. To get in touch with Elissa please fill out the contact form. Elissa would love to hear from her readers, as well as she is available for speaking engagements, book signings, radio, and television appearances, and any inquiries about film rights to her extraordinary book "Hope From Heaven" 


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